Electric boiler, Mostek Energo, Czechia

Electric boiler, Mostek Energo, Czechia
Owner's Engineer Design and Studies Installation and Supply Diagnostics

We provided the designing and construction of an electric boiler for the provision of ancillary services. We developed the complex documentation including project documentation for building construction in all relevant professions (mechanical, civil, HVAC, electrical HV, LV and MaR)
Afterwards we ensure delivery, instalation, programming and commisioning for boiler contractor Auxilien, a.s. in the role of owner's engineer.
For the target customer, the company MOSTEK energo s.r.o., we worked in cooperation with the company ENETEX, which provided a modification facility for the superior control system.
BFS Industry activities:
  • Development of the project documentation for building construction
  • Development of the itemized budget for project implementation
  • Elaboration of the work implementation schedule
  • Draft program of tests of a hot water electric boiler
  • Business assurance of all components and activities
  • Coordination of assembly and installation of equipment
  • Programming
  • Commissioning

Location: Mostek, Czechia

"Brownfield" project

Ongoing from 06/2022

Technical specifiactions:

  • Voltage level: 10.5 kV
  • Electrical input: 7 MW